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The Kindly Ones by David Stoupakis + Menton3 @ Last Rites Gallery

Fortune Teller | David Stoupakis

On July 10th 2015, I was fortunate to be present at Last Rites Gallery in NYC for the pre-show to The Kindly Ones, a dual-solo exhibition of new works by eminent artists and collaborators David Stoupakis and Menton3. The affair was intimate but energetic, with a small group of people opportune enough to get an early preview of the exhibit, and hear the artists talk about their visions and their thoughts for the works and narratives they have shaped. A warm, enlightening accompaniment to the show itself. The oil paintings are hauntingly awe-inspiring in their execution and flow seamlessly with each other to create one unified undertaking between two artists and their journey into the underworld.

The Kindly Ones is an exhibition exploring the Greco-Roman mythology of the female deities of vengeance and justice; frequently referred to as the Erinyes, the Kindly Ones, or the Furies; as most people feared using their true names in panic of invoking them. Though the Erinyes were most known to torture and torment those who have murdered family members, they were also celebrated as guardians and upholders of order. For the innocent had nothing to fear, while the wicked would be punished heavily and without mercy.

Show now on view at Last Rites Gallery through August 15th, do not miss this!

Tisiphone | Menton3

Shadows of My Name | Menton3

Leviathan | David Stoupakis

An Evocation  | Menton3

Black Mass | David Stoupakis

Brimstone of an Ash Nymph | Menton3

Depths Of Shallow Water | David Stoupakis

Victim I | Menton3

Study |  David Stoupakis

An Age of Man | Menton3

Valhalla | David Stoupakis

Victim II | Menton3

Rise | David Stoupakis

The Appeal | Menton3

Mother | David Stoupakis

What Have You Done | Menton3

Additionally, a book, also entitled The Kindly Ones, is being produced to accompany the exhibition. The book will be written by Kasra Ghanbari, and feature all the works David and Menton3 created for the gallery show along with extensive background information and discussions on the pieces, as well as an analysis and new perspectives on the underlying mythological tales from which the show was based.

July 11th - August 15th
Last Rites Gallery
325 West 38th St.

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