| Reflections In Art + Culture: William Basso "Mise-en-Scène" + Leslie Ditto "Endearing" at Last Rites Gallery



William Basso "Mise-en-Scène" + Leslie Ditto "Endearing" at Last Rites Gallery

William Basso | Diablerie
Dark surrealism and thought-provoking expression continues to reign supreme at New York City's Last Rites Gallery as they present dual running solo shows for featured artists Leslie Ditto with "Endearing"and William Basso with "Mise-en-Scène".

Leslie Ditto | Engulfed

"Mise-en-scène" is Basso's first solo show at the gallery and will include 14 mixed media assemblages that make up and display his unique creative process and the many phases it transverses. Through sculpture, sketching, collaging, digital editing, and photography; the stitched-up works set the stage for a narrative on transience and the stages of mortality itself, all while conjuring a distinct yesteryear Halloween aesthetic.

Edgar Allan Poe

Ramble On



Nature and Transience

Tea Time

Raw Sculptures

In her first solo show at the gallery, "Enduring", Ditto will be presenting 13 paintings and drawings that embody contemporary society and the struggles that come with the price of modernity.

"With the gift of information and communication available at the touch of a keypad, information regarding global and local issues of social, political, economic and environmental is overwhelming on a personal level. The stresses of feeling helpless & despair soon have a pulling and suffocating effect. Many times with these issues they seem to lead back to a to the injustice of the mass power of the Corporations and politicians, going hand and hand. Corporate destruction, repression and exploitation bring to mind gears in a huge industrial machine, each one in relation to another on so many levels."
Leslie Ditto



Twisted & Tied


Leslie Ditto "Enduring" // William Basso "Mise-en-Scène"
April 11th – May 16th, 2015
Last Rites Gallery
325 West 38th St.
New York City

Opening Reception
Saturday, April 11th, 7 - 11pm
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