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Leilani Bustamante "HAUNT" at Modern Eden Gallery


Artist Leilani Bustamante unveils her newest solo show at Modern Eden Gallery entitled "Haunt". The exhibit is loosely based on the 1895 Robert W. Chambers horror novel "The King in Yellow Bustamante's stylistic paintings faultlessly unite the haunting theme of the "Yellow King" throughout the story. The works are stoic and bold and deserve to be seen up close and in person. Opening night for "Haunt" starts with a reception on March 14th and continues through April 18th.

'The Yellow Sign'


'The Yellow King'

'The Stranger'


'Hildred Castaigne'

'Tess & Mr. Scott'

Leilani Bustamante
Opening reception March 14th 2015 6pm
Final showing April 18th 2015
@ Modern Eden Gallery
801 Greenwich Street
San Francisco, California

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