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Jeremy Hush "AN EXCHANGING GLANCE" at Last Rights Gallery

          "An Exchanging Glance", Jeremy Hush's solo exhibition opens November 21, 2015 at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. The title of the show has been conceived to draw attention to the exchange of ownership between human beings and the natural world. “An Exchanging Glance” refers to one of the main pieces that will be featured in the exhibition: in this work the empty eye sockets of a human skull are juxtaposed to the serious stare of a Bateleur eagle as a reminder of our responsibility towards the other inhabitants of the planet. Jeremy Hush explains: “The new series I’ve been working on specifically for this exhibition is the representation of a bustling microcosm that teems with life and is characterized by an incurable obsession for details.” The solo show will be pivoted on the everlasting visceral connection that exists between men and wild life and that, in Hush’s work, seems to imply the necessity of an exchange of roles and definitions. The work of Jeremy Hush is focused on portraying strong characters caught in a moment of apparent weakness and self- exploration through a conscious interaction with the natural environment. In Hush’s work, animals and plants are almost human because their emotions have been emphasized in virtue of their psychological and anthropomorphic qualities. An Exchanging Glance is an invitation to open our eyes and change our perspective over the natural world. The exhibition will include a selection of paintings and a massive installation comprised of five wooden rosette arches.


NOV21 - JAN16
325 W. 38th St
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