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"Mysterium Cosmographicum" Group Show at Stephen Romano Gallery

Kris Kuksi

            Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the new space for The Stephen Romano Gallery in DUMBO Brooklyn for its current exhibit; Mysterium Cosmographicum (derived from Johannes Kepler's first major astronomical work) . With over 30 international emerging and forgotten, iconic, and historic artists portraying their shamanic visions of the of the mysteries of the cosmos.

            Much like how Kepler's book connects the heavens to the cosmos through geometry, the varying sculptures and paintings are interconnected and woven amicably alongside ancient texts and surreal vernacular photography; a testament to the vision of the gallery and its curator. One of the most successfully ambitious exhibits to make the rounds, it is not to be missed and has paved the way for many extraordinary things to come from the gallery and its showing artists. Like the slated October showing of staged witchcraft rituals by Hollywood photographer William Mortensen, who himself was described by Ansel Adams as the "Devil", and "the anti-Christ."

Teiji Hayama

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