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Scott Radke | ANTUMBRAE: A Book Of Art (1995-2015)

     The creations of Cleveland based artist Scott Radke are magical and wondrous in every sense fathomable. Scott's works manifest from his subconscious visions and through mixed media sculpture, painting, and photography; we get a glimpse into the animal, nature, and human hybrid world they encompass. Like a daydream come to life, Scott's sculptures are melancholic and surreal in their presence, yet simultaneously invoke a comforting sense of hope and being. A true testament to not only the work itself, but to the artist who has fashioned them into existence as well.

     Now after over two decades of immense work, Scott Radke and long-time friend Kasra Ghanbari (CEO and Co-Founder of 44FLOOD), are set to release through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, ANTUMBRAE: A Book Of Art 1995-2015. Scott's first ever art book, a 10"x10", 144+ page, hardcover publication presenting 20 years of works with symbology and iconography based analysis.

Follow the link below to help support the Kickstarter
and grab some amazing art and other treasures!

    Being an immensely huge admirer of Scott's work and this current project, I was thrilled at the opportunity for an interview and shed some light on this marvelous undertaking.

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