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Leslie Ditto - Disturbingly Enchanting Surrealism

Memphis, Tennessee based artist, Leslie Ditto was raised in a Harley Davidson shop owned by her father and uncle, where she witnessed them build and paint motorcycles. It was in this garage that her fascination in surrealism can be rooted, where gas tanks (and other surfaces) were often painted with fantasy images that were inspired by such legendary artists as Frank Franzetta and Boris Valleo.

While attending Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles, tragedy struck Leslie when her father became terminally-ill which forced her to leave school and her formal training. This however does not deter Leslie who could never deny her artistic drive for expression - so she taught herself the techniques utilized by the "Old Masters" like Leonardo DA Vinci, Rubens, Raphael, and Rembrandt. Her disturbingly enchanting oil paintings are a true testament to her dedication, focus, and honed skill level.


Images Courtesy of [Leslie Ditto]

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