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Amanda Louise Spayd & Her Dust Bunnies

Amanda Louise Spayd is a gifted Ohio based mixed-media artist/sculptor of all things extraordinaire. As well as being a highly talented soap maker and perfumer. She is in all essence a "Maker" in its truest sense. Giving often overlooked items and textiles a possible past and mystifying future in her wayward creatures; the adorably spooked Dust Bunnies. So it only made perfect sense for Zealot Creative to seek out Amanda and continue the narrative of her Dust Bunnies through puppetry in a short stop-motion film aptly named "The Maker". A truly gorgeous and moving film that is a sincere testament to just how well Amanda's creatures translate over into animation, and leaving one with the screaming desire to know more about the world they inhabit. 

Dust Bunnies. True, some are goats, some are bees, and some are unidentified creatures, but in the end...really, they're all "bunnies" to me. That's been what I've always called them, regardless of their specific animal anatomy." [ALS]


Be sure to check out Amanda and her mega talented artist collective; Circus Posterus, at Monsters And Misfits III in Japan. Featuring the works of Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Chris Ryniak, Doktor A, Ragnar, ALS, Andrew Bell, Carisa Swenson, and Stan Manoukian.
 Images Courtesy of [ALS]

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