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Damien Echols, David Stoupakis, and Menton3 Present SALEM at Copro Gallery

David Stoupakis
On March 19th, renowned artists Damien Echols, Menton3, and David Stoupakis unite as the newly-formed collective 'THE HAND' as they present SALEM, an introspective multimedia art exhibition exploring the mass hysteria of the witch trials of 1692 colonial Massachusetts.  Salem will include the last two remaining works from Echols’ time on death row, haunting charcoal illustrations, and talismans designed to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. Stoupakis and Menton3 both delve deep within the subject matter and have manifested some of their best works of romantic and surreal darkness. Detailed and moving paintings of stark yet serene imagery with standout large-scale, intricate masterpieces from each artist.

Damien Echols

Multimedia art exhibition to launch Magick Revolution,
a social awareness campaign advocating for
the spiritual practice of Magick as a tool for healing.

MAR19 - APR16
2525 Michigan Ave

Menton3 | "I paint as a need to manifest the internality of my own psyche. Getting to work with Damien and David on projects for The Hand, such as Salem, is quite literally a dream come true. I cannot not imagine anyone else I would rather be doing this with,” Menton3

David Stoupakis | My art develops from the human condition, and seeks to address who we are, and what we are here for. The Hand collective with Damien, Menton, and myself has solidified my growth as an artist. With Salem we aim to pay tribute to and juxtapose the beauty and grace of the fallen ones with the atrocities that happened in Salem Mass. in 1692,” Stoupakis.

Damien Echols |  “The Hand is committed to creating Magick-inspired art that showcases peace and beauty within the ashes of horror and tragedy. Salem holds deep meaning for David, Menton and me as a reminder that it’s possible for the tree of Magick to take root and flourish in the most hostile ground," said Echols. "When I was sent to prison everything was taken from me, so now I repurpose things that are meaningful, for my body. Salem is as much about Magick as it is about art. I want to use art as a vehicle to reintroduce Magick and share the practices that saved my life.” Echols.

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