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The Otherworldly Art of Aof Smith

Aof Smith is a Thailand native artist based out of Bangkok. Using mostly oil on canvas, Aof creates hauntingly ethereal landscapes where imagination and inner-spirit converge in a pop surrealism tour de force. Though there is heavy undertone of sorrow throughout the works; still a deep sense of purity and perseverance shines bright. By far one of the more notable artists to be on the look out for.

"Every single journey of lifetime, a man experiences various situations arousing his happiness, suffering, sadness and loneliness. Moreover, the fast approach of several temptations seduces those men into obsession of corporeality, taste and scent of dream. However, the human emotion varies. It depends on many factors; inside and outside of his mind. Only ephemeral and instability of moods can fade away his obsessions in each day. But if we scrutinize them, they define themselves. Those are lingering experiences in his mind which lead us to contemplation. They create the world of imagination awaiting you to discover them endlessly." Aof Smith

Images Courtesy of [Aof Smith]

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