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VICTOR'S WAY SCULPTURE PARK: A Contemplative Garden Gallery

Victor's Way is a private park in the village county of Wicklow, Ireland, with a vast array of bizarre attractions and creepy sculptures. The outside sculpture gallery was founded by owner, Victor Langheld, who was born in Berlin, traveled around the world and lived with different religious orders in Thailand, Japan and Sri-Lanka. When he settled in Ireland, he sponsored the construction of this park and designed 24 granite and 3 bronze sculptures himself. During his travels, Victor spent a lot of time on contemplating the meaning of life and getting acquainted with various philosophical approaches and cultural traditions. Hence, the sculptures in the garden are designed in a way that calls one to contemplate about the meaning of the world or the sculptures themselves.

Victor’s Way is not a fun park for families. Ideally chatty companions, children and dogs, all of which disrupt the peace and quiet of the contemplative ambience, are asked not to be brought. Here the use of mobile phones (save for photography) is an absolute no-no. Ideally the visitor should slow down to half or quarter normal walking speed. Ideally the visitor should sit down on the benches provided and absorb into his or her inner (future, hence perfect) world and/or the serene forest atmosphere.

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