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Kris Kuksi Baroque Mixed Media Assemblage Art

Kris Kuksi is an American artist in the genre of Fantastic Realism. Kuksi’s influences include the Baroque and Rococo periods. He has described how he feels more in belonging to the ‘Old World’ and that his artwork is very much a reaction to “the corrupt and demoralized fall of modern-day society – a place where new beginnings, new wars, new philosophies, and new endings exist.”In an interview, Kuksi named Bernini, Bosch and Bruegel as some of the artists he admired and was influenced by saying, “Nothing beats landscapes of hell, twisted contorted figures, hedonism, and flowers sprouting from anuses.”[1]

 At times, the artist’s work presents its audience with a jarring discomfiture of imagery, which hints at a disquieting future. A sense of loss features often, mirroring the loss felt at the death of a loved one or at the removal of civil liberties. Regarding the latter, Kuksi has warned of related dangers such as the rise of fundamentalism or dictatorship.Also at issue, according to the artist, is the effect of people themselves on the Earth’s natural resources. Kuksi has described how the world is ”Overpopulated, losing precious resources, de-moralized, and polluted. If the Earth were a person she would be quite ill, infected with a sickness known as humanity.”Referring to religion, he has suggested that an attachment to the apocalyptic “end times” described in the biblical Book of Revelation may result in humanity causing such prophesies to become self-fulfilling.Kuksi has said that “…humanity is doomed if they can’t see the result of repeated historical rise and falls. Perhaps it is as simple as we just aren’t smart enough to save ourselves.” [1]

Images Courtesy of [Kris Kuksi]

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