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Kelly McKernan - Art Nouveau Redux

California born Kelly McKernan is a fine artist and illustrator extraordinaire hailing from Atlanta, Georgia where she graduated Kennesaw State University with a concentration in drawing and painting, then migrated to Nashville, Tennessee where she is now presently based out of .

Encompassing a wide range of media into her work, such as photographic processes to printmaking techniques and alternative forms of painting Kelly’s rooted art nouveau and cubism inspired works take on an uncanny and surreal life of their own. With each painting examining her ethereal female figures and their personal growth resulting from battling and overcoming internal struggle.

Kelly has been exhibiting her work with numerous galleries since 2009, including Thinkspace Gallery, Gallery 1988, Young Blood Gallery, and Beep Beep Gallery. She also began her work as an illustrator in the same year and has illustrated three children’s book to date. Kelly is also a member of the PRISMA Artist Collective.

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