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Rob Shields Digital Art Illustration

 Robert Shields is a self-taught digital artist, graphic design and illustrator based out of Philadelphia, USA. Not only is he a a member of SlashTHREE, the not-for-profit international art collective, but he also holds degrees in Psychology and Philosophy with postgraduate work in Media and Communication. His sleek and highly stylized work has been featured in such presetigious design magazines as: Digital Arts, Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Being one of the most sought-after digital artists in the world -his high-end clientele list includes brands like: Sony, Samsung, Simon & Schuster, and Smirnoff - just to name a few.


 When not hunched over his Wacom tablet you'll find Rob studying the history of cinema, messing around with his collection of musical instruments, reading vintage books, and foiling the evil plots of a small green parrot.

Images Courtesy of [Robert Shields]

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