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Nathalia Suellen - The Art of Lady Symphonia

Nathalia Suellen aka Lady Symphonia is a self-taught digital artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She discovered her passion for digital art and photography in 2008 and since then has began her journey focusing on works of macabre and dark imagery. Her strange and emotional dark vision drew attention from a great public of artists, photographers, clients and admirers worldwide.

Nathalia's artworks portray a twisted dreamlike world with the use of dark/macabre elements, magically done through a mixture of photography, 3D and digital painting. Her style is characterized by the use of fragile and surreal ladies, strange atmospheres, enchanting lighting and otherworldly creatures. With clients like RandomHouse, Penguin Group, and Simon &Schuster; expect to see much more from this talented young artist.

Images Courtesy of [Nathalia Suellen]

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