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"SECOND SIGHT" Inaugural Group Exhibition at Paul Booth Gallery

Ekaterina Panikanova, "Exercisi Di Memoria"
(Ink, watercolor, and graphite on aged books, mounted on birch, 53" x 59")

In 2007, legendary tattooist and artist, Paul Booth established Last Rights Gallery, and gave NYC a sanctuary for those with an affinity towards darker aesthetics. Now in 2015, Paul Booth branches out from the contemporary surrealism he and Last Rights are renowned for, and introduces Booth Gallery. The new gallery will permit for an even more expansive scope into cultural and social avenues of contemporary art and will allow Paul to display works by an even broader selection of local and international artists.

Todd Lim, "David"
(Acrylic, oil and house paint with shoe lace on canvas, 86" x 55")

On November 14, 2015, Booth Gallery presents their inaugural group exhibition; "Second Sight". The show is conceived to venture into the unknown connection existing between information, perception and interpretation. Featured artists are: Chad Wys, Jesse Draxler, Ekaterina Panikanova, Ted Lawson, Jade Townsend, Johan Barrios, Mike Cockrill, Ryan Hewett, and Todd Lim. The art from each of these artists flows and weaves from one artwork to the other and creates a narrative where one is left to contemplate and question beyond the dialogue of our five senses and seek the connections we construct through memory and symbolism.

NOV14 - DEC 30
325 W. 38th St

Jesse Drexler, "Untitled"
(Mixed Media 36″ x 48″)
Johan Barrios, "Untitled"
(Watercolor and Graphite on Paper,  56cm x 74cm)

Ryan Hewett, "Untitled"
(Oil and Spray on Card, , 120cm x 100cm)
Ted Lawson, "Radical Skepticism"
(114″ x 48″ x 51″ – Cast resin, Milled MDF )
Chad Wys, "The Boy Who Dreamt of Stars"
(Acrylic on Found Sculpture, 11.25" x 8" x 4.5")
Mike Cockrill, "Olympia"
(Oil, graphite and duct tape on stretched canvas, 2015, 70" x 60")
Jade Townsend, "The Offerings of Ears to Freewill and Fate"
(Oil, graphite and duct tape on stretched canvas, 2015, 20" x 20")
Mike Cockrill, "Spelling Bee"
(Oil on stretched canvas, 64" x 54")
Chad Wys, "Transmorgification Extasy"
(Glitter Glue on Found Image, 6″ x 8″)
Todd Lim, "Trinity"
(Acrylic, Oil, and House Paint on Canvas, 80" x 60") 

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