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Frank Frazetta - Fantasy Art Legend


Brooklyn NY born artist, Frank Frazetta is one of the most prolifically creative and well-known illustrators of the 20th century. Not only due to the fact that his art spanned many media formats, (comics, album covers,  books, movie posters..etc), but also due to his iconic illustrative style.  His males were stone-carved muscular, females hauntingly beautiful, and his creatures dreadfully mystical. Besides being credited as co-designing the extremely sexy and dominant  Vampirella, his interpretation of Conan visually redefined the genre of sword and sorcery, and his body of creative work has inspired a myriad of people which helped spawn his collaboration with film director Ralph Bakshi for the 1983 animated adventure-fantasy film  Fire and Ice. Acclaimed director Robert Rodriguez has since acquired the rights to reproduce a live action version ; a bold undertaking that he is sure to do cinematic justice to. As a person whose love for fantasy can deeply be rooted in Frazetta's work,  I must admit I can't wait to see this classic reinterpreted.

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