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Aaron Jasinski - Inner Child Eye Candy

Seattle Washington based artist, Aaron Jasinski, grew up in in a family of musicians which his deep rooted love for majorly influenced his visual art. His paintings are pop-culture nostalgia treats for your eyes and inner-child; honey glazed with social commentary that perfectly completes the balanced pop breakfast.

"I imagine my painting as one piece of an two part puzzle. The puzzle is completed by the unique experience and perspective each person brings who views it. I think all great art says something about being human. Artist and audience work together to discover what that is being said. What we each gain from experiencing art is as unique as our personalities. My hope is that when you look at my paintings you will conjure up your own stories and surprising discoveries. My family is one of the best things in my life. I get a lot of happiness, inspiration, and motivation to work comes from my love for them. I also draw on my childhood, current cultural issues, and things I love like classic video games, sci-fi, fantasy, toys, movies and other pop-culture references all blended up into some kind of visual stew. My kids love it best when dad paints robots." 

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