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The Surreal Works of Nathan Ota

Obsessed with drawing since his early childhood, Nathan Ota passionately references TV cartoons, comic books and punk-rock flyers as his early influences. Ota would sneak into his brother’s room and raid the collection of “Vampirella” comics so he could trace the colorful art on the covers. Uninterested in classical or traditional art, he responded most to visuals by Robert Williams, Olivia, Puss Head and Raymond Pettibon. Upon entering his teens, Ota became mesmerized by graffiti and participated in creating street art. “I was completely hooked. I loved everything about it; the clicking of the ball in the can, the sound of the spray, the colors, the huge scale, the friendships with other graffiti artists and the complete feeling of freedom,” states Ota. Upon entering Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ota was exposed to a whole new world of possibilities. With an open mind and guidance from his instructors, his direction changed and he decided to enter the world of illustration. Shortly after graduating in 1993, Ota began working freelance for newspapers, magazines, record labels and producing background art for the gaming industry. 

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