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The Allegorical Art of Fang Ling Lee


Fang Ling Lee's artwork focuses on symbolic imagery that is conceived within large-scale transcendental paintings.  In Fang's work the union of realism and abstraction parallel the opposing themes that are represented.  In this realm of allegory, her figures are the storytellers, led by the icons that exist within. Specializing in sensual portraiture in her signature abstract landscapes, her erotically charged themes transform the viewer to voyeur and tempt them to slip into their own fantasies.

Fang has been creating art since childhood. The daughter of two Chinese artists, Fang experienced the need to create as a fundamental necessity.  The concept of home and studio were one:  cooking meals and creating sculpture were often accompanied by her father's storytelling.  These formative experiences are what compel Fang's art making.

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