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Bob Dob's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

California born and raised illustrator, Bob Dob's artwork tells a story about "the good, the bad,. and the ugly", not to mention the sad and the cute. After his child hood dream of becoming a pro baseball player was taken from him due to a battle with cancer he gravitated towards music and art. Playing for 10 years in the punk band "Lunacy", the exposure to the music scene in Los Angeles would have great influence on his art.

In 2004 Bob had his first gallery show at the world famous La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood California. He has since participated in solo and group shows at galleries throughout the United States and Europe. He is always working on his next solo show and freelancing as an illustrator. Oh, and since he's a father to three children, he also recently started a children's clothing line called Imp Clothing, which celebrates the mischief in every child; sounds about  right to me.

"I love to create worlds where the dark side of human nature is present. Life isn’t always good times. While in our youth we experience many things we would rather forget, but this is what makes us who we are. It defines us. That’s why my characters have an adolescent quality to them. I’ve been very fortunate in experiencing and hearing many great stories, which now find there way into my paintings. Simply put, I’m a visual storyteller.Bob Dob

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