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The Dolls of the Popovy Sisters

Going way beyond the new wave of Russian art-doll designers, award-wining, twin sisters Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, create pieces that are part doll, part avant-garde couture, and pure aesthetic magic.

We challenge ourselves with every new collection. We make several dolls or one collection a year. Every doll is handmade from start to finish. We make them patiently, thoughtfully and with a lot of love. We always work together, inspiring and completing each other, besides it’s interesting and 
a lot of fun.
 The Popovy Sisters

Besides winnings countless awards, their works have been displayed in galleries ranging from Moscow to Berlin. Here is hoping for a NYC show in the near future.  

With so much artistic talent, drive, and the unique bond amongst twins; I can only see amazing things fashioned from the minds of the Russian sisters. Always working on their next character or their next collection, The Popovy Sisters give you reason to keep your on eyes on the doll house from Perm,Russia. 

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[Images Courtesy of  The Popovy Sisters]

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