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FINGER MAFIA : 5" Art Toys by B|Sides Toys

Need an Art fix? Toy fix? Good karma fix? Then, GREAT NEWS!  B|Sides and Spektor bring you Finger Mafia: The Original Four. Inspired  by the Yakuza ritual of Yubitsume; the cutting off of a finger as a way of apologizing to the boss for an act of disrespect.

 With an initial run of four original painted versions and and ultra limited glossy black colorway. Each figure stands 5" tall and depicts various underworld crime syndicates complete with gang ink and weapons. But in order to get this vinyl goodness into you hands, B|Sides Toys needs your support via their Kickstarter page. Can't choose which one you want most? Why choose then? Pledge now to get your complete set of limited edition Finger Mafia figures and matching swag now!

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